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New Lines Of UV Protective Clothing And Accessories Make Life Easier Under The Sun

Posted on March 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

These days, with the dangers of too much sun exposure becoming more widely known than ever, manufacturers have developed more options for protection from UV rays than ever before. To be completely 100 percent safe, you need more than just sun block, sunscreen or even tanning lotions with SPH levels. There are now complete lines of UV protective clothing and accessories on the market for both children and adults, all of which will add more layers of protection so that you can enjoy the outdoors safely.

What Is UV Protective Clothing And Accessories?

UV protective clothing and accessories are items of apparel that will protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Unlike normal clothing, the material used to create these garments will block up to twice the normal amount of UV rays, and when combined with other items, can afford you the highest level of complete protection possible from the sun’s rays.

Normal everyday clothing will offer some protection from the sun’s rays, but it all depends on the fibers in the clothing itself. With these clothing and accessories, the fibers are much closer together, making them a denser shield against UV rays. The materials used for this type of clothing include nylon, lycra and polyester, which have their benefits beyond being protection from the sun. Cotton and other materials can become too hot to wear on hot days, even with denser fiber levels, but these materials are more breathable, and will make wearing them that much more comfortable.

The Advantages Of Using Sun Protective Clothes

While combining sun protective clothes and sunscreen lotion might seem to be the ultimate, the real reason that this practice is becoming so popular is that it is convenient to do so. If you have ever tried to keep kids lathered in the right amount of sunscreen when they would rather be doing anything else but that, then you would understand why these clothes make more parents feel better about their children being out in the sun. Adults can get a lot of use out of these clothes, too, and are great for those who work outside a lot in their profession.

Types Of UV Protective Clothing And Accessories

The types of sun protective clothing lines currently include swimwear, leisure wear and comfortable clothes for walking and sports. In the rest of the UV protective clothing and accessories lines, you will find umbrellas, hats, bags, sunglasses, and sunscreen and suntan products. All of it is designed to be as cool as possible, while covering the maximum amount of skin.

There are protective drapes for those who do not wish to wear jackets, especially for working outside. They can be worn as ponchos, wraps and shawls. Face shields and adult sunglasses complete the lines, protecting your eyes as well as the other UV protective clothing and accessories protect the skin. The adult sunglasses also protect against UVA and UVB rays, the ones most dangerous to the human eye.