Clothes and Accessories

Clothes and Accessories

Categorize Your Clothing and Accessories

Posted on March 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

When a new fashion season begins do you find it hard to decide what items of clothing and accessories to buy? Sorting through the clothes in your wardrobe will make it easier to see what new items of clothing you actually need to create a fashionable look.

If you are one of those people who have a closet full of clothes but never have anything to wear, then you definitely need to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories. This is well worth doing and will save you time, money and stress.

Organize your clothes, shoes and accessories into categories, this will allow you to see what you actually have. The best way to do this is as follows,

  • Go through your wardrobe, anything you wear on a regular basis pull out and put in a pile.
  • Of the items left in your wardrobe sort through them and anything you no longer like, maybe because it doesn’t flatter your figure, or it’s just not you anymore, bin them.
  • Any items that are left over that you don’t regularly wear but you can’t bring yourself to throw away, put into a bin liner and store them away.

All clothing, shoes and accessories that you wear on a regular basis can then be split into categories of casual wear, work wear and evening/smart wear. Hang these items in your wardrobe in sections, or if you have more than one wardrobe, categorize each wardrobe accordingly.

When you look at your work wear, casual wear or evening wear, you will be able to see exactly what you have. This method makes it so much easier to see what new fashion items you need to complete an overall look.

With regards to the clothes you have stored away in a bin liner, give it six months and if you haven’t needed any of these items, chances are you never will in the future. If the items are in good condition take them to your favorite charity shop, if not bin them.

A great way to save wardrobe space is by splitting your clothing up into summer and winter items. When summer arrives store you winter clothes in a damp proof box in the attic and vice versa when winter arrives.

Have fun shopping for those clothing and accessories that will add value and fashion to your wardrobe.

Five Essential Dog Clothes and Accessories

Posted on March 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

Dog clothes and accessories are serious business these days. So today I am going to review a few essential items that you may have overlooked….

1 – Dog Beds

Every dog needs a bed, especially for older canines like ours. As our house is tiled, and the floor gets very cold. There are a few things to look for in dog beds. Our dogs bed is very sturdy. If your pooch is one that likes to have a bit of a gnaw on her slumber place, then spending extra on a hardy one will save you lots of money in the long run. Another thing is the pillow part on the bottom. Some dogs are terrible wrigglers, constantly moving around in the bed trying to get comfortable, and often the bedding comes out. The bed we have at the moment has two clips on the bottom that keeps it in place! So we don’t have to keep putting it back.

2 – Harnesses

Harnesses are necessary for travelling in cars. They restrain your dog properly, so that they don’t get hurt in an accident, or get in your way while driving, ( not a good idea!! ) our dog finds it hard to resist climbing into an empty lap, so that’s handy for me! She has a very chic purple one that matches her collar. Harnesses are also good for walking, if you are a dog that pulls, or a sneaky dog like ours – that has worked out how to use the leash to pull out of her collar! Harnesses are much better for dog’s that pull, rather than choker chains. Choker or “Check” chains are very bad for dog’s necks, and can damage their throats. Harnesses work much better because they apply pressure to the dog’s whole body rather than their necks.

3 – Collars

Collars are very important, for identification as well as restraint. All dogs should have a collar, and all your pooches need identification tags on them, with your phone number and your name, in case they decide to go walkabout and get lost! It’s all good and well to have a microchip, but not everyone has a scanner for it, do they? Collars are also a basic dog fashion accessory.

4 – Leashes

Leash sizes and length are an important factor. If you have a big strong canine or a medium size dog like ours, your will have a much better time controlling her with a short leash – especially if you need to cross the road. For a small dog a longer leash is probably better, since they are not strong enough to pull away anyway… But I do know how feisty your little pooches get – definitely big dogs trapped in small bodies! Also, as with the collars, leashes can be very fashionable dog clothes and accessories.

5 – Collapsible Water Bowls

Of course everyone needs water – especially when we take our dogs for walks, and they get all hot and thirsty. Dogs can get heat stroke very quickly, you know! If it’s hot make sure you checks their paws. If they are hot your dog may have heat stroke. Of course you can just give them a drink from a tap, but what if you can’t find one? Better safe than sorry, especially when it concerns their health. Or maybe you have a dog like ours who refuses to drink from taps. She hates it when water gets up her nose, and refuses to drink from a tap.

That is it for today, remember dog clothes and accessories play a vital part in any healthy, happy dog’s life.


Useful Information About Purchasing Cycling Clothes and Accessories

Posted on March 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

Cycling clothes and accessories are required by those who want to start cycling. Apart from covering the body, the cycling clothes and accessories offer people with the comfort, security and support required for indulging in this activity. If you are someone who is would like to indulge in this cardiovascular activity, you will need to purchase the right clothes and accessories. There are many people who try to cycle in their regular clothes and shoes. However, such a step can be very dangerous and can also be counterproductive as people might end up hurting themselves.

If you want to enjoy the experience of cycling, you need to purchase the right clothes and accessories. One of the most important accessories that you need to purchase is the shoes. Given the fact that cycling is an activity in which our legs are extensively used, we need to provide them with all the support possible. Hence, it is important that you choose the right shoes for this purpose. Unless you want to take cycling as a profession, you will not need to spend money on those shoes which are highly professional and too expensive.

You should opt for shoes which are comfortable and provide you legs with the required support. Also, the shoes should protect your legs against environmental hazards while helping them to maintain a balanced temperature in all kinds of climatic conditions. Apart from the helmets, which are an absolute, necessity, you might also need to spend money on the gloves. It is a fact that not all cyclists prefer using gloves. Hence, you will need to decide if you want to use gloves. In cold climatic conditions it is advisable to use woolen gloves as they can protect your hands from hazardous cold wind.

When it comes to purchasing shorts and jackets/t-shirts, you should never opt for those pieces of clothes which are too big and do not fit you well. Although some people do not prefer wearing body hugging or tight clothes, such clothes are very important in cycling as they help the body to move properly. Lose clothes can be hazardous while cycling as they can restrict your body movement. Keep in mind that the clothes that you wear (jackets, t-shirts, shorts etc.) are made of light material so that they don’t create any hurdles for you while cycling.

Apart from the above, you should always purchase the clothes from a reputed store so that you can be assured that the cycling clothes and accessories that you purchase will last long.